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Summer Essentials - The Black & White Version

by Kellie McClure May 02, 2019 3 min read

Summer Essentials - The Black & White Version

Comfy, Yet Stylish Shoes

More than any other season, summer is the time when you need shoes that are transitional. Shoes that look great at the beach, out to dinner, and at a baseball game. Here are the top three on my current wish list….

These Steve Madden Platform Sandals can be dressed up or dressed down. They look great with shorts, a sporty dress, or even a more formal dress for a night out. They go with anything! They also give you a little height without going overboard which is always a plus in my world.  

These black Birkenstocks give you a more casual look but are oh so comfortable and are great when you’re on your feet all day. The quality is amazing and will last you for years. Definitely worth the investment.

These white vans are perfection. They are wipeable (can I hear an AMEN?) which means they will look great even at the end of summer. I already bought a pair for my son and my daughter is itching to get a pair too.

Lightweight Dress

A good casual dress is a must have for me. Skip all those layers that only add to the blistering heat and throw on a simple dress. It’s nice and breezy and will help keep you cool when you’re out in the sun or running errands. Dresses are so cute on and often more comfortable than most shorts and top combos. You can even wear them over your swimsuit when you’re headed to the beach as a cover-up.  

Classic Swimsuit (the right fit is the most important feature)

Have you ever bought a crazy cute suit online only to get it and realize the top is too loose, the bottom too small and all the wrong parts are hanging out? It’s been a real problem for me. Which is why I think splurging on a well-fitting suit is always a good idea. Here are a couple suits (some splurge, some save) to check out.

Beach Bag

Life requires a lot of stuff. Summer is no exception. In fact, I think summer requires even more stuff than normal life. Am I right? You’re out and about more and you need sunblock, lots of water, snacks, diapers, a good book, lip gloss, stain remover, some caffeine, your sunglasses. The list goes on and on. You can never be too prepared. Having good bag to keep it all together makes life easier. Here are two cute options to consider.


It always surprises me how much a hat helps keep you cool. If you’re sitting in the blazing sun at the local pool or walking out on the beach, a hat makes a huge difference. Not to mention, who wants to take the time to do your hair when you can throw on a cute hat and look stylish and stay cool at the same time. Here are two summer hat for the pool/beach and one for all your sporting events that you should add to your must have summer list.

Kellie McClure
Kellie McClure

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