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5 Ways To Become The Diva You Always Knew You Were

by Kellie McClure April 29, 2019 3 min read

5 Ways To Become The Diva You Always Knew You Were


  • Lose 50 lbs
    Of stuff.  I’m not talking about emotional eating here, or even weight for that matter.  I’m talking about getting rid of your crap. All 7 lbs. of rubber bands you’re sure to need...someday, the entire drawer of grocery store ads, expired coupons, and the 750 pictures your 3 year old scribbled in 4 seconds and gifted to you.  I could write 4,000 words on this topic alone, I could tell you all the steps on which items/room to start with (old toothbrushes/bathroom) but what it comes down to is just starting. You know you’ve been hanging on to a lot of things (just in case) and you have an entire room/closet/garage to show for it.  It’s stuff you don’t actually even want, you just don’t know it yet. So get to work and lose 50lbs of junk in one day and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the ultimate diva

  • Implement The Industrial Revolution Into Your Life
  • What does that even mean?  Well, let me tell you. It means taking something like making a week’s worth of dinner and prepping it all (or most of it) in one day. Setting up an assembly line of your best girlfriends (or kids) and cutting onions while you tell crazy embarrassing stories and laugh/cry (because of the onions of course) and because you really needed some adult time.  Every dang day you wake up knowing that for dinner you’re having taco soup, or Italian chicken, and it’s just a matter of turning on the crock pot/insta pot. You are the real diva of dinner time, and thanks to freezer meals, you can spend the day basking in your glory rather than stressing about what to make for dinner.

  • Re-think Your Grind
  • Dishes are my grind; I dread them, I loathe them, I stress about them.  Then I moved into a fixer-upper. For convenience sake during the remodel, we started eating out of foam bowls, paper plates, and then tossing them, and I kept thinking (gasp) this is the life!  No sinks full of dirty dishes, no stench filled murky water to stick my hand into to unclog the sink. We suddenly had only a few dishes to wash. And you know what, my life drastically improved.  I became the dish diva, who doesn’t dread the pile up, whine about constant need for someone to wash, rinse, dry, or unload. Whatever your grind may be, find a way to re-think/simplify/cut it out of your life.  It’s the only way to develop true Diva-ness.

  • Calendarize The Fun
  • I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but some people just seem to have more fun than others.  It’s weird and it gives me jealous feelings that sound like, “Erica’s life is so much better than mine, she is always out on dates, vacations, girl’s nights, brunch dates. It’s not fair!” One day, I had the realization that absolutely no one is stopping me from having just as much (or more) fun than Erica.  I just need to start filling up my calendar with fun. Who’s stopping me from reaching out to my high school besties in a group text to say, “lunch at Fredrico’s Monday 12:00. Who’s In?” or “Babe, I’m picking you up for dinner after your work meeting, the kids will be well occupied at Grandma’s house so we can take our time ;)” Book and pay for the hotel down the street that just added a water slide so you and your kids can set up trains to ride down the water slide together screaming and splashing and becoming the fun mom-diva you’ve always known you are.  But remember, if it’s not on the calendar, the church meeting, or flag football game will always become higher priority and Erica will be the diva you always wanted to be.

  • The Best Monday’s Begin Sunday Evening
  • Preparation takes mundane miserable tasks and makes them divalicious.  Running around the house two minutes before the soccer game trying to find shin guards is the worst. The actual worst.  I’ve been there so many times. But setting out the shin guards the night before makes you feel like a complete boss. All day, every time you think about that soccer game you remember, “I’m a diva,  I’m totally ready, shin guards are standing by.” Having your kid’s lunches packed and shining brightly in the fridge gives you the upper hand on all the pta divas. You can sleep in and still get to the carpool lane before it gets clogged up because lunches are packed.  All diva’s know, preparation is the key to diva-hood.

    Kellie McClure
    Kellie McClure

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